iStent Inject

Cataract surgery and glaucoma therapy – all in one procedure.
If you’ve been managing your glaucoma symptoms with medication, and are now preparing for cataract surgery, iStent inject may be an ideal option for you. Around the world, iStent inject has helped countless people with glaucoma successfully manage their intraocular pressure. By taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during cataract surgery, you can address both of these conditions at the same time.
• In clinical trials, most patients are able to maintain normal eye pressure after the procedure
• iStent inject has an excellent overall safety profile, similar to cataract surgery alone

Tiny Implants, A Huge Impact.
iStent inject includes two tiny implants, which make up the world’s smallest medical device known to be implanted in the human body. Worldwide, Glaukos devices have been implanted in hundreds of thousands of eyes, with more patients benefiting from this technology every day.
iStent inject can make a huge impact for patients who receive it. Once implanted in the eye, the device can help restore normal pressure in the eye. iStent inject is designed to:
• Restore your eye’s natural ability to drain the fluid that causes the increased pressure inside your eye
• Keep eye pressure at a normal level

This may allow your doctor to reduce or eliminate your need for glaucoma medication.

How iStent inject Works
iStent inject includes two tiny implants, each made of surgical titanium. Once implanted, you will not be able to see or feel the tiny stents.
To help control the increased pressure in your eye associated with glaucoma, iStent inject creates two bypasses, or openings, between the front part of your eye and its natural drainage pathway to increase the flow of fluid. By creating the permanent bypasses through the primary blockage site (trabecular meshwork), iStent inject is designed to:
• Improve your eye’s natural outflow to safely lower intraocular pressure
• Work continuously to improve the natural flow of fluid in your eyes