Optical Shop 

We have a generous selection of eyewear in our optical shop, to serve your needs in one stop shopping style. Our ophthalmic assistant will provide knowledgeable and personal service to help you select eyewear and lenses that meet your needs. We hope you have a favorable experience and look to us for your eye care needs for years down the road. We look forward to SEEING you! 

Cataract Surgery

Dr. Henry performs small incision, no stitch, no shot, phacoemulsification cataract surgery. This facilitates a quick and comfortable recovery. Dr. Henry is available to you for all your post operative care and enjoys seeing you obtain the best vision your eyes will offer.


Some of the specific services we offer are:

  • Complete eye exams Cataract evaluation and surgery
  • Diabetic eye examinations Glaucoma screening & management
  • Macular degeneration screening & management 
  • Fittings for glasses and contact lenses